SONGWRITERS: Need your songs transcribed to sheet music?

If you are a songwriter, but you just don't have the music notation knowledge to write out your brilliant ideas for other musicians to play, Ray Christensen Music & Sound can help. Your music can be transcribed from audio files to lead sheets, parts or full scores so any musician can play your music exactly as you envision.

DIRECTORS & EDUCATORS: Need arrangements or parts transposed or transcribed for other instruments?


No french horn player in band this year, and you want the F horn part transposed for tenor sax? Doing a joint concert with the choir and you need some choir pieces arranged for your orchestra? Lost the bari sax part for a jazz band chart? Ray Christensen Music & Sound can provide for any and all arranging and sheet music needs. Fast turnaround, and very affordable!


Sometimes you need an audio file you can play at home to practice with as you prepare for an audition or performance. Send a scan of your sheet music in PDF form to Ray Christensen Music & Sound and an MP3 piano accompaniment can be created for you to practice with.


Prices vary depending on the job. Simple single-instrument transcription jobs may be as low as $9 per finished page. More complex jobs may be charged a rate of $27 per studio hour. For an estimate of what your transcription will cost, send us an email with a detailed description of your needs, and include the length of the piece, how many instruments are involved, and any other special requirements you have.

HERE ARE SOME PRICING ESTIMATES (Again, prices will be determined depending on the job)


Single Instrument Transcription (Transposition, etc.)     $9.00 per Finished Page

Piano Score, Piano/Vocal Score                                       $12.00 per Finished Page

Piano/Choir Score (piano & 4 pt. choir)                        $15.00 per Finished Page

Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra (9-18 parts)         $25.00 per Finished Page

Small Rock/R&B Band (5-7 parts)                                   $18.00 per Finished Page


MP3 from Sheet Music (2-5 min in length)                                                 $25.00


Sheet Music Transcribed from Audio File                            $27 per Studio Hour

    (for a Lead Sheet with melody, lyrics and

    chord symbols, figure about 1 studio hour

    per 2 minutes of the song)

Arranging, Orchestration                                                        $27 per Studio Hour

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