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The sound is the thing! The right music or ambient sound can instantly transport your audience, or set a specific emotional scene for your film or theatrical production. Ray Christensen Music & Sound presents limitless possibilities for soundtracks, underscoring, game music, voice-over and sound effects. Also offered: rehearsal accompaniment MP3's to help performers learn that audition piece, or for directors and teachers to provide for their cast or students' home practice.


Gypsy Dance

from 'Legend of the Werewolf' a new musical

What's new from RC Music & Sound

RC Music & Sound


Hard Rock


30 Second Excitement

Death of the Hired Man

Excerpt from the Chamber Opera

Alien Warning!

from "Crashed UFO" Haunted House

Dramatic Prelude


Explainer Voice Over

Ray Christensen

"Witch" Character Voice

Ray Christensen

Sports News Show Theme

Cassette Tape Remaster
This video demonstrates how an old cassette tape recording of my 1980's band "The Limit" was remastered to improve clarity, quality and presence. Get out those old tapes of your favorite performances and contact Ray Christensen Music & Sound to get the best out of your old recordings!

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